Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tyson Chews up Holyfield

I’ve got a thousand bucks tonight
I’ll bet upon the Tyson fight
If I’m a loser, I’ll be poor
but Mike is safe, I know I’ll score!

Tyson will win, I know he will
'cause he’s like the man of steel!
That Holyfield is going down
Mike Tyson will K.O. that clown!

Mike Tyson is my hero, yo!
I wish Mike Tyson were my bro.
I wish I had more than a grand,
Evander’s dead at Tyson’s hand!

Ahhh…It begins, the fight is on!
“Hey, kill that man, Tyke, make him gone!
Take down that washed up Holyfield…
his number’s up, his fate is sealed!

Whoop him! Batter him! Make him dead!
Make me some green, let’s see some red!
You’re the best boxer there has been
I’m sure that you are primed to win!”

Ahhh…look at those big muscles roll
Mike’s got fighting in his soul
He is young and tough and strong
and in the ring he does no wrong!

Mike is great! He is the man!
He’ll make me rich, that is the plan.
Tyson is best and knows no fear…
What…he’s biting off Evander’s ear???!!!

Watch the video:

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