Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Little Christmas Tree

I’m a little Christmas tree
Wanting presents under me
I would guard each tiny toy
For the little children’s joy

Since my limbs still touch the snow
I shall have to really grow
Then someday they’ll cut me down
And take me to a cozy town

Here and there the snow has bumps
Where it’s covered all the stumps
Of my friends and family,
Now they’re where I want to be

I can see them very well
In the homes where Christians dwell
Giving houses cheerful glows
Working with the mistletoes

I look forward to the time
When I will be in my prime
I shall be the brightest tree
Anyone will ever see

I use each and every root
To grow yearly by a foot
I see as the years fly past
I am growing pretty fast

Now a decade has gone by
And it’s almost time to die
Axemen come to cut me down
Then they’ll take me off to town

Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop!
I’m the last tree of the crop
Soon I lay upon my side
And they take me for a ride

Christmas is a time to give
And I give my right to live
But I think it’s all worth while
If I bring a happy smile

I am driven to a store
Where they stand me on the floor
People shopping here and there
Eyes are on me everywhere

People now are rather swift
In their rush to buy a gift
Someone may soon see me
As their perfect Christmas tree

I’m not sure about my fate
But I simply cannot wait
To be made up nice and bright
For a family’s home tonight

Sure enough I soon am bought-
To a cheery home I’m brought
And the kids say they are blest
With a place for gifts to rest

Christmas lights are put in place
I feel like I’m full of grace
I’m no longer just a pine
Now I’m something quite divine

They call people here to see
Their pretty little Christmas tree
I feel like I am their friend
And their love for me won’t end

After opening their gifts
Interest in me quickly shifts
Now I’m shocked to find that they
Throw me out on Christmas day

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