Saturday, October 10, 2009

Red Snow Road

The city lights on winter nights
shine on the fallen snow
After drinking in a bar, a man walked over to his car
And drove into the traffic flow

Refrain: Cry, cry, cry little children
Your parents aren’t coming home

With vision bleared, he wrongly steered
and hit his head on the dash
The car kept rolling down a hill
Collided with an Oldsmobile
and caused a killer crash

Refrain: Cry, cry, cry little children
You will be loners soon

(This verse played with sirens sounds on piano)
Sirens wailing, lives were failing
and the drunk woke in the chilled air
He saw parents dying, their little children crying
but he was too drunk to care

No more shining lights and speeding cars
once behind the prison bars
But he’s not worried by his fall
He gave his attorney a call
he’ll be out in no time at all

Refrain: Cry little children, cry until you drown
You once were full of smiles, now all you do is frown

So cry, cry, cry and let your anger shout
For the cause of your loss and the cause of your pain
will soon be out,
and free to drink, free to drive and to kill again

Go visit the place where the snow runs red
at the bottom of an icy hill
Where some drunken fool made your parents dead
And go cry by the graves of the others he’s killed
but suffer in vain, for he’ll be out again
to drink, and to drive, and to kill!

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